We believe Mars is very similar to Earth, but just how much is still unknown. The first Martians will need to have a good understanding of geology in order to help scientists back on Earth understand the Red Planet. Below are some resources where you can start to learn or expand your knowledge about geology!


Geology Courses

Geology is an Earth science that studies the physical structure, properties and internal composition of Planet Earth including rocks, minerals, sediments, plate tectonics and more. Major sub-disciplines include economic geology, environmental geology, engineering geology, structural geology, petrology and mineralogy.

Harvard Online Learning

Geology and Plate Tectonics

As part of the Earth & Planetary Sciences Gallery at the Harvard Museum of Natural History, these nine free, short videos allow viewers to dig deeper into geology and plate tectonics. Explore what makes an earthquake, how they can be predicted, what it's like to be geologist, and more.

Future Learn

Introduction to Geology

Everything we use that has not been grown either contains or relies on materials that have been sourced by a geologist. On this online course, you will discover the link between volcanoes and your mobile phone, or why tiny marine wildlife is at the core of the plastics industry. You will also explore basic geological processes, focusing on how, where and why different rocks and natural resources form across the Earth.

Geology Superstore

Rocks, Tools, and More

Geology Superstore supplies earth science, educational material & geological equipment worldwide. They carry a variety of rough rock, fossil, mineral & gemstone specimens.