Learn the skills needed to become an astronaut

College Education

A college degree is not only advantageous, but also required by NASA to become an astronaut. While a bachelor’s degree is required, a technical master’s or PhD is recommended. Here are some top programs that have astronauts as alumni!

Continuing Education

As an astronaut, the learning never stops. It is important to keep practicing your skills as well as gain new ones. Online education today is great for the diversity of skills offered, flexibility in learning, and worldwide accessibility!


In space, robots will be our best friends since they can operate in the dangerous Martian atmosphere. Understanding how robotic systems work and their components will be helpful to extend the life of our metal counterparts!

Medical Training

Any human mission to Mars is likely to have a medical processional on board. But relying on a single person for all medical duties is not realistic or advisable. Learning at least basic medical procedures and information is important to future astronauts!


One of the reasons to go to Mars is to understand more about our own planet. The geology of a planet helps us understand its past and in the case of Mars will answer questions about what caused Mars to become the planet it is today!


Space is an international effort and future Martians will come from all over the globe. As we work together it is great to understand our peers’ native tongue so we can effectively communicate with them.