Being able to perform duties in many diverse situations is critical for mission success

Pilot Training

While the main job of an astronaut is not to fly anymore, having the skills of a pilot is still important. Understanding how an aircraft operates, the effects of altitude, and aerial navigation are all skills that can come in handy.

Scuba Training

While initially being an astronaut and a scuba diver might seem unrelated, water is really as close as we can come to weightlessness on Earth. NASA uses a giant pool to train astronauts for missions and scuba diving also shares some of the physiological effects of space travel.


Skydiving is actually related to survival skills and piloting. In an emergency, understanding how to control a parachute can save your life. If you want to strap yourself to a rocket, what is a little fall from a plane!?

Survival Training

While you won’t be trying to start a fire in space, outdoor survival skills can be lifesaving. Not only will they help you understand the limits of your body, but in an emergency while still on Earth, you may be required to stay alive for days without assistance.


In the future, hopefully everyone that flies today will be able to go to space. But until that time comes, most people only get to see the views from space through a photograph. If you go to space, sharing your experience helps inspire millions!


What does it feel like to really be weightless? Well take a ride on the ZeroG plane and get as close as you can to weightlessness here on Earth! You are guaranteed the time of your life (at least until your space voyage)!