About Us

Mission Statement

Becoming a Martian is an initiative by Audassey to grow a community of aspiring astronauts and space enthusiasts who want to support each other's journey to the stars. Working together, we will make it further than any of us would working alone. We focus on the skills you should KNOW, the person you should BE, and the things you can DO today to help humanity continue our expansion to the Red Planet and beyond!

Aspiring Astronaut

Anthony Navarro

Anthony has set his sights on getting to Mars. With a diverse background including military service, satellite operations, autonomous vehicles, and education, he aims to be the right type of person needed for early Mars missions. As his journey continued,he constantly gets asked what it takes to become an astronaut. This site was created to share what he has learned along the way get more insight from the community at large.

Space Engineer

Jendrik Jördening

Jendrik is an engineer who loves dissecting systems and problems. He completed a Bachelor’s in Physics and continued his studies with a Master’s in Space Science and Technology from the European SpaceMaster program. He worked with the European Space Operation Centre planning the relay communication for the European Mars Rover mission. He has experience in the fields of data science and autonomous robots.